A DJ at your wedding can do the job of entertaining people. There are many people who have been to a boring wedding reception where the music wasn't good enough to entertain them.If entertainment is bad at your wedding then there is not much anyone can do to make your wedding a success.
When looking for a DJ you should be careful about few aspects and think over them to get the best DJ for your wedding. There are many companies who will provide you a DJ but you should also ask them some questions in order to figure out if that DJ is the right one for you.
You should check if your DJ is a full-time entertainer. The reason behind choosing a full-time entertainer is that they are professionals who are very concerned about the entertainment business and it is important for them that everyone at your wedding enjoys themselves. A DJ relies on your references which is why they try their best to make your wedding a memorable event. A good DJ will not only play music but will be aware of organising a reception. They can advise on how to run the event and what piece of music you should chose when walking down the aisle.
Don’t forget to get the references from your DJ because it would prove their credibility. Most DJs have references from their previous clients and if they are good at their work then they should have good references and should be willing to provide you with them.
Good entertainers are usually flexible and they often accept guest's requests and wishes for different songs. They often play dedications and a variety of songs. DJs do not play at specific weddings; they have to perform at different kinds of weddings. This is why the DJ you choose should be able to cater for most of the guests, they should know all the latest songs or songs of all the genres of music.
Being a good team player is an important trait that you should look for in a DJ. Your DJ might have to work with other vendors and if the DJ refuses to work with them or co-operate then it might create a problem for the whole team trying to organise a successful wedding. If you notice a bad attitude with the DJ then you should look for another one. It is vital that you put your time and research in finding the best DJ for your wedding.
It is suggested that you visit the wedding venue beforehand with the DJ. This way the DJ will get an idea about the place they will be performing at and also will be able to arrange necessary equipment for the performance. A visit to the venue will also allow the DJ to evaluate if any extra equipment will be needed.

At the end of the day you should enjoy and make sure your DJ is aware of all your music preferences.