A decision that needs to be made in addition to the first dance wedding songs is who is going to dance it. In the past with wedding songs, first dance performance was delivered by the newly married daughter and her father. In recent times, however, the trend has gone towards the fresh bride and groom to open the first dance.

It is also important to take into consideration how the person that is to dance the first song at the wedding are like. As an example, a father that does not like sentimental moods might not enjoy very emotional titles. Hence, the above should always be in the back of the mind when selecting the wedding songs for the first dance.

It's not necessarily easier to choose a song with your spouse. Experience shows that this could be even the harder task of the two. Some prefer to open the first dance at the wedding with a slow, and some with a fast dance. Try to decide on the most general things, such as speed first, before moving ahead to the specific wedding song first dance selection.

When thinking about wedding songs, first dance choices can be tough. One way to decide with your future spouse on what you want is to sit down and to make lists together. If it is an important decision, both of you should write down five songs that you would like. Compare your lists and if there is anything in common, you have the song that you want. Both people get to make cases for the songs that they have picked.

If no agreement has been reached, this activity might need to be repeated. Remember to be open and honest with each other and to make sure that you are making your views heard. If a song has special significant for you, explain why, but if the argument is something like it reminds your significant other about their ex, let it go gracefully.

If you are a guy, don't just shut down a suggestion because the song might be a little too emotional for you. Wedding songs first dance pieces are normally fairly much like that. Just be open to it, as the wedding does not have to be rigid or all too manly, allow some space for sappiness.

Don't rush. Relax and make a wise decision for the wedding song that makes both of you happy and those that will be dancing it. At the end of the day it's most important that you do dance the dance together!