The idea is to enjoy it fully and to keep it in your heart as long as you live.

Throwing this kind of a party is to say goodbye to your freedom, as everything you say or do from now on will have to regard two persons, and not only yourself. If among the friends that are present at the buck’s night are only single guys, then the mockery is guaranteed, as they most definitely will make fun and humiliate the one that decided for a life in two, leaving aside the single-hood.

The farewell parties may have the same structure in the case of men and women, but they present several dissimilar features when it comes to the things they do and the games they play. Females usually go either for a relaxing action or for an innovative one. They enjoy attending spa sessions, dancing lessons or learning how to cook courses, while men prefer more practical actions such as going to clubs and playing karaoke.

The location for the last night of freedom is a hard thing to choose, but many people prefer nowadays to rent a house outside the city. This kind of decision allows the participants to detach themselves from the social life and to enjoy some quality time having no fear of distressing someone. Those who attend the party will feel much better and they will be allowed to do things they may have never been permitted to do in a public environment. Outdoor activities are among the most preferred on such occasions.

The one responsible for this unforgettable event may inform the accomplices that it may last for more than one night. Nowadays, more people choose a weekend or even a mini getaway for their hen’s or buck’s party. The latest fashion is to make the party a mixed one, where the friends of the bride and those of the groom are given the chance to interact. For some, this is the proof that you can have a blast even if you are in the company of your soon to be life partner.