Depending on the time that you have before the wedding day, there are several things that you can do to shed some fat and get into shape.

First you need to get into some diet that will fasten the burning up of calories in your body. Get nutritional advices on low carbohydrate but healthy foods that will lower the levels of carbohydrates being absorbed into your body.  Also get to spread your meal times. Instead of having one very heavy meal at a given time, say, lunch or supper, eat at spread out times during the day in small meal portions. This will help your metabolic rate and ease up digestion and absorption of foods into your body. Many nutritionists will tell you six mini meals in a day. In short, eat less daily and avoid junk.

Another way to shed unnecessary weight is to hit the gym. Get onto a weight-loss workout plan with a professional instructor. Work on some weights that will burn up excess fats and leave your body in the perfect physique in time for the wedding day. Your back, shoulders and chest are the areas you should concentrate much on. Keep to the workout plan without fail and adhere to it religiously.  Let that short period that you have allocated yourself for exercise be intense and without breaks or interruptions. The ideal allocation of time in the gym is between 30 minutes and one hour, three times in a week. But make sure not to overdo it.

There are some factors you have to consider.  Get your tuxedo at the last possible moment so that any weight loss can be reflected in the size of your tuxedo. The workout plan should not be torture on you but rather set a target that is achievable. Don’t expose yourself to malnutrition in the name of dieting. A frail looking groom is no substitute for an overweight one either.

Apart from the gym workout, it is also very prudent to engage in exercises like walking around and avoiding lazing around. Sometimes the panacea to most overweight issues lies in the simple things we do. If the mall is just a few blocks down the road, opt to walk instead of driving. You will be surprised to find that a considerable amount of calories is burned up in such a simple exercise.

Discipline is highly required of you. Be it in dietary issues or in exercising, you have to show your guests and the world that you truly deserve that beautiful bride.