Traditionally, the bride's family pay for the costs of a wedding while the groom would incur the expense of the honeymoon. These days it is not uncommon to find many couples paying for their own wedding from their own funds.

There are 3 things that all wedding receptions must include for a successful event. The three "G's" of good food, good times, and good entertainment.

Beautiful bride and glowing groom aside, the most important part of a successful wedding reception is the entertainers. Think of all the weddings you've been to throughout your life. Weren't the most fun celebrations the ones with the liveliest music, plentiful food and drink and a touch of the unexpected.

Wedding bands are a great idea when choosing entertainment for your wedding reception; not only do they play live but they offer a uniqueness that cannot be found in other forms of entertainment and they can adapt very well to any given situation.

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Regardless of whether a bride wants to walk down the aisle to a touching melody or dance to a swinging tune, jazz musicians can deliver both and more.

When it comes to weddings songs, first dance selection is an important part of your wedding. Most bands or DJ's that are hired for a wedding will ask you what you would like. So, take your time and choose your first dance wedding songs.

Whenever there's a wedding taking place, most definitely there's a hen’s or a bucks party. Thinking about the fact that marriage will surely make you perceive life in a more responsible way, the event that precedes the marriage should be transformed into an unforgettable occasion.

When you are planning to wed the woman of your dreams, the pressures of remembering to do everything can be overwhelming. The groom is expected to take into account all of the little details that must be thought of on the big day; sometimes the task of writing the groom wedding speech is put off until the last minute.

It is without doubt that selecting wedding attire particularly for the groom can be a perplexing undertaking. Definitely the groom cannot simply use any attire he fancies on his wedding day as it must coordinate with the wedding gown of the bride.

There is no shortcut about appearing sharp and crisp on your wedding day, unless of course, you do not attach much value to it. But if you truly hold the biggest day of your life dear and close to your heart, you cannot afford to look unfit.

Weddings must be fun, especially if you are the bride or the groom. That can only be achieved once you are sure that everybody that you have invited will have a great and memorable time on the day.

Most weddings follow a very tried and tested formula but there are ways you can make your special day memorable, by your choice of wedding entertainment.

Your wedding is an occasion which requires lot of preparation. The main aim in mind of bride and groom is to have a wonderful and fun filled wedding where their guests can also have a brilliant time.