Tips for choosing the right wedding band

Wedding band music tends to be music suitable for all ages as you have to please a whole generation of families and friends with different music tastes. Music generally is played from the 60's up to the latest pop tunes in the charts.

A lot of people go for a DJ mainly because of the price as they already have spent a fortune on other things at their wedding. This can be a mistake as the entertainment at a wedding is also remembered and you want your day to be as perfect as possible.

It may cost a bit more to hire wedding bands music; however, most bands do have a set list of the music they play. Do not be shy to make a request of any song or tune you want played for your wedding celebrations. You want your guests to get up and dance.

Ideally at a wedding you probably would need a covers band that will play music from certain artists and genres. This type of wedding bands music can be very varied as a lot of these bands have a set list of at least 20-40 songs that they know off by heart and many of them will learn new songs just for you if requested.

If you now know what you want to be played at your wedding you have to go out and find a band to do that. The easiest way is to search online for bands or for agents who have bands on their books, many will have done weddings in the past. This experience comes in handy as it will help ensure that the entertainment runs smoothly.

Wedding bands music usually play for about an hour and a half to two hours, while taking a break midway. You can also hire them to play longer. However, you do need to make sure that the band has what they need such as enough room for them and their instruments as well as an area for changing before and after their performance.

Make sure that the dance floor can accommodate your guests, while dancing. If the floor is too small it can cause safety hazards and if it is too big, it may intimidate your guests and they may not get out there and dance. Many locations will provide a stage; however, bands work around not having a stage all the time, since they are versatile.

You will also need to make sure that the location for your reception has a license for live music. If they do not, you will have no live entertainment. You need to find out this information before you search for your band. Find out what size band the location can accommodate as well as what types of bands may have performed there previously. They may be able to recommend a band to you.

You and all those who come to celebrate your wedding day with you want to have a great time. Make sure you take care of all your plans for wedding bands music, so that you and your guests have the best time ever on your wedding day.

Author: Author Palace