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Notice to Wedding Entertainers: By advertising your wedding entertainment business on the Just Wedding Entertainment you acknowledge that Just Wedding Entertainment may charge a commission for any leads or enquiries received from our site.
Notice to Wedding Suppliers: All content used on the justweddingentertainment.com.au pages for advertising your business cannot be guaranteed by justweddingentertainment.com.au. Justweddingentertainment.com.au assumes no responsibility or risk related to clients or third parties received from an advertisement for your services or products on any of the justweddingentertainment.com.au pages. Justweddingentertainment.com.au reserves the right to refuse an advertisement to any business on the justweddingentertainment.com.au pages. Any payments received for advertising on justweddingentertainment.com.au are non-refundable, expect if we cancel or remove your advertisement, at which stage you may be entitled to a pro rata reimbursement for the duration of which your advertisement was not advertised on the Just Wedding Entertainment website.
Enquiries: Any enquiries and personal details you receive from the bride, groom or wedding guests, must not be used for compiling mailing lists and forwarding onto third parties. Sharing this information with any other business or organisation is strictly forbidden. Justweddingentertainment.com.au cannot guarantee the number of enquiries you will receive from justweddingentertainment.com.au website.
Right to Reject, Cancel or Remove Advertising
Just Wedding Entertainment reserves the right at any time and has complete authority to: reject, cancel or remove an advertisement from the site. Just Wedding Entertainment does not condone inappropriate behaviour or conduct towards other advertisers/suppliers on the Just Wedding Entertainment website and finds it highly unethical for a supplier to utilise a entertainment directory to make enquiries to other advertisers/suppliers stating you are a potential bride/groom. Any advertiser/supplier that performs this type of conduct will be removed from the Just Wedding Entertainment website without further notice.
Information Supplied: It is imperative that the information, images or logo’s supplied to justweddingentertainment.com.au is correct, true and your own. Justweddingentertainment.com.au accepts no responsibility for incorrect, misleading or false information.
Limitation of Liability - The users of this site indemnifies justweddingentertainment.com.au, its officers and employees against any claims for damages suffered by any party arising of published information provided by the supplier, through justweddingentertainment.com.au.
All entertainers and wedding suppliers should be professional in all dealings with our clients.