Hiring a male stripper

The first thing to ensure is that the bride-to-be is perfectly ok with having a male stripper on her hen’s night. You as her Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid would know her likes, dislikes, taste and so on.

We'd hate to see a male stripper show up at the hen’s party to discover a terrified bride-to-be. It's understandable that a girl or two may feel shy or a little embarrassed by a male stripper but if more than half the girls are running for the front door to escape, then you have certainly made a bad move. Before you book a male stripper, take a quick mental census and make sure the girls at the hen’s party are at ease with a hunky male stripper prancing around.

Which type of Male Stripper should I hire? 

Themes are always popular, select from a policeman, cowboy, fireman or construction worker which adds an element of lightness and fun to the male stripper show. Some women find Latin or black male strippers and that blonde haired, blue eyed hunks irresistible. You know your friend and you are aware of her likes. It’s her hen’s party so ensure that the party is perfect with the best male stripper to memorialise the special occasion.

Just Wedding Entertainment provides a selection of male strippers for your hen’s night entertainment. To elevate your chances of getting the stripper you want, make sure you plan in advance and make a confirmed booking.

Take Note

Male Strippers are NOT Male Escorts and they are not paid by the hour. Male strippers are actually performers and they have arrived just to perform for your event. There is no clock running and you'll never find a professional male stripper observe the clock. He's an artist executing a vision and he is finished when he feels so.

Show Time - Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Professional male dancers are always prepared. They'll bring their own musical CDs, so make sure you're prepared with an audio system in the room. Plus, the furniture can be rearranged so that the adorable hunk(s) are left with more space to move their bodies.

Things to Remember

If you want to be photographed with the male stripper or take a video of the performance, always ask them first. Some male strippers are professional models and some under a contract; they may not wish to be captured under the lenses.