Hen's night party games

A Hens night is one of the most memorable pre-wedding times for a bride. In order to make it perfect, it has to be well-planned and take place at the most ideal  venue. In order to make the hens party a lot more fun, you and your female friends can come up with many games that you can play in order to have a fabulous time.

Trying some games on your hens night to spice things up, and get into the mood of the occasion. Whether you are having a large hens party or one with just close friends, games are equally enjoyable. Sometimes, bets are also made on some of the games to make things more interesting.

One of the most commonly played game on a hens night is asking questions from the bride about her husband-to-be so as to know how well she knows him. The way to do is to ask the groom a couple of questions sometime before the party, and then, on the hen night, asking the bride the same questions to know if the answers match or not.

Another popular game on a hens night party is called Hens night bridal bingo. In this game, the guests are asked to speculate and write in the gifts that the bride-to-be would receive. Later on, as the bride opens the presents, any presents that have been written down are marked off. The person who is found to have marked five in a row shouts BINGO.

These games are mean't to add fun to the event, so another such game is passing the bouquet, which is often played on the Hen Night. People sit down in a circle in this game, and they pass a bouquet from one person to another. One of the guests present at the party is blindfolded, and is asked to play the music. So, whenever he/she stops the music, whoever is holding the bouquet is eliminated from the game.

Bridal makeover is another game that is often played on hens night parties. In this, two of the friends of the bride volunteer to do make up for the bride. One of them is blind folded and the other one works as an assistant. The blindfolded one chooses a certain colour of eye shadow or lip-gloss, and when the makeup is done, a picture of the bride with her friends is taken before showing the mirror to the bride.

A game that is mostly played to get everyone settled in and into the mood of the night is the Handbag game. In this game, a few items are taken from each handbag and are put into separate bags. Then, a person is nominated who has to open each bag and guess about whom the items belong too.

Along with all these, many other games are played on the hen night. Some of these games are Truth, or hen night dare, Balloon question time, Never say never, Naughty treasure hunt, The right costume, and the hen night purse game. The main idea behind these games is to have a memorable, full of fun time for the bride with her friends, and family before the wedding.